No connection to the world…No display of life in your hand…
No sounds to be heard…No information can be retrieved…
the drop that changed your life…your solution is Wireless4U.

Most of us would be lost without our mobile phone. We use it to stay connected with our family and friends and helps organise our busy daily schedules. Connecting you to social media, games, music and the latest news, they have become a vital source of our entertainment. Losing this connection to our world can be heartbreaking. We’re here to put you and your phone back together again.


Wireless4U believes in providing the best technical advice and quality repairs, every time to our customers. We have  experience across all popular brands and models, including with board level repairs.

Our main focus is on the quick, efficient turnaround on the repairs of most makes and models of mobile phones and laptops. We are committed to providing a professional and a memorable experience that is solely focused on the improvement of our customer satisfaction, protecting your mobile phone, lap tops and in assisting you to achieve your personal and corporate goals in the process.

Wireless4U’s knowledge has grown into becoming a leader in micro soldering repairs which includes removing and replacing chip from main board. Also fixing common manufacturing faults. No job is too big or has proven to be too difficult. And we are always up for the challenge of finding the right solution. We aim to have our customers phones repaired quickly, with most repairs performed while you wait. Of course, some repairs can take a few days owing to parts availability, in which case you may either leave the handset with us, or we can order the part and notify you once the part arrives so that you can get your phone repaired on the same day.

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