Mail In Repair

Mail- In Repair Service

Are you exhausted with the high costs of cell phone, tablet or laptop ? What about the ridiculous pricing at your local  shop for a simple diagnostic? If so, you’ve found a friend and a trusted repair service here with us ! We won’t overcharge you, or bribe you into a service or contract, we’d rather let our quality work and trusted reputation speak on our behalf.  With over 10 years of experience, knowledge and trust, we have just what it take to resuscitate your device so you can return to doing what you love. Our engineers and repair techs will treat your device with the utmost care and passion. Through out the process, we will continually updated you until your device returns home with you.

How It Works

Woman hand accepting a delivery of boxes from deliveryman

What about warranty?

We provide 90-day Parts & Labor Warranty on all repair services, except for water damaged or human errors (cause by client). Warranty statement is sent to you together with your serviced device. For any questions about warranty, please call or e-mail We will answer your questions, explain the whole process in detail.

Why should you trust us?

We are a legally registered business providing services out of Keswick ON and Newmarket, ON.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can almost always save you enough money for it to be worth your while. Shipping costs a lot less than you probably think, even for desktops.

For desktop systems, send the tower, no accessories, cords, or screens. For notebooks and laptops, please send the computer and the AC adapter. We do not accept incomplete systems or individual system boards.

For most orders, 3-5 business days. In some cases, 2 weeks may be necessary for high-end notebooks and component level repairs. Whatever the turnaround time may be, we will keep you posted and answer all of your questions during the process.


Sometimes. We assess each case individually. If a motherboard has more than two faulty components, our policy is to automatically replace it rather than make repairs.

We can probably repair your computer for a lot less than a comparable one costs new. Without the expense and time to transfer all your software and data over to a new machine.  Moreover, you are doing your part for society and the environment by keeping your computer system out of a landfill.

Our small, dedicated team of specialists, college-educated with up-to-date training and product knowledge. Or staff collectively has decades of experience in hardware, software, networking, and all major operating systems.

Yes, we fix all kinds of cell phones, tablets and iPads.

We can perform data recoveries from some game consoles and DVR devices.


Absolutely! All of our procedures (even data recovery!) are conducted in a non-intrusive manner. Hundreds of references are available upon request to help verify this fact. As far as shipping goes, just make sure to use a carrier you trust. A tracking number and package insurance are recommended.

Sometimes. If your issue is obvious and we have all of the model information we need, we can give you an estimate over the phone, though it is only an estimate. On many occasions, we won’t know the cause of your issue until we diagnose the problem here. We can only be sure of the problem once we test it. What your relative who works at a computer company might think isn’t really relevant to what we benchmark.

We are efficient, fair, and great at what we do. No catch. Usually the big stores and local shops outsource their repairs to companies like ours. By dealing directly with us, you cut out the middleman costs.