Repair Services


Broken LCD screens are a common issue in mobile phones and if you are seeking repair or replacement of the LCD screens, Wireless4U can repair it in 30 to 60 minutes and at very affordable prices. We are equipped with all tools, parts and equipment that are required in phone LCD repair.

At Wireless4U, we can fix or replace your phone LCD using original parts. If you are seeking to purchase a tablet or mobile phone screen replacement such as iPad, iPhone or iPad’s, Samsung and Blackberry LCD display screens and assemblies. At Wireless4U, we offer hassle-free replacement and repair of your mobile screen as we understand the importance of working cell phone in today’s world and that is why we provide fast turnaround times. You can turn to us when looking for reliable and fast cell phone repair service. Our highly trained technicians performed several repairs including LCD replacement services, battery replacement, water damage diagnostic and touchscreen repair. We provide warranty on our services, so you can rest assured that you are getting quality services from us.


If your phone fell in the pool, toilet etc.? We have heard every possible scenario, many strangers than these examples, and we’ve managed to repair more than 9 out of 10 of the wet phones we receive. So, don’t worry. If it can be fixed, we will fix it and provide you with a safe and speedy option for getting your water damaged phone fixed & and try best to restore all your data. Our experience is what you need to get your device working again and we provide diagnostic service, free of charge. You don’t pay a cent until we assure you that it can be fixed.

All you need to do is to ship your phone to us. Dry it as much as you can and do not try to charge it or power it on. Our skilled technicians will put your phone through a series of diagnostic tests, giving us a clear picture of the damage, the water or liquid has done to your device. We will contact you with a complete diagnosis of the issue, giving you the option to choose between having it repaired or getting it returned to you in that state, free of charge. We can also repair all signs of damage such as corrosion and debris on your logic board or phone components, leaving it as good as new.


If your phone is malfunctioning, featuring the same grey flickering bars at the top of the screen and an unresponsive or intermittently responsive touch screen, don’t worry it is “incredibly common”.

We know that the issue of LCD repair is a big issue for our customers as this main and one of the most important components of a display device, so, Wireless4U provide the solutions to our customers at very reasonable and affordable rates. Our staff is very skilled, and they will make sure that you leave our store fully satisfied with the solution of your issue and the customer service provided by our staff.


Your cell phone screen got blanked?

If yes, Wireless4U can replace the LCD screen with a new one and make your device touch experience fast and ease to operate. we offer hassle-free replacement and repair of your mobile screen. We find our customers very satisfied with our workmanship as we provide you with reliable, quick and quality service. You can turn to Wireless4U when looking for reliable and fast cell phone repair service and experience the level of commitment and service accorded to our customers.


Are you looking for Broken LCD Replacement or having a Dim LCD? Wireless4U have got you covered! Our team of experienced technicians has advanced skillset and equipment’s to literally remanufacture Dim LCD’s making them brand-new and defect -free units. So, bring in your dim LCD phones and we will exchange them for remanufactured LCD’s with brand new glass and frame.


When your phone’s glass cracks, there is a big chance that LCD breaks too. When this happens, you can see that your device won’t respond and can also see dead pixels on the phone’s display which means your smartphone display is bleeding. During such situation, getting professional assistance is very imperative.

Wireless4u is quite familiar with the problem of bleeding LCD screens, and with almost effortless ease, repair them to customers’ satisfaction as these issues are very common in mobile phones.


The issue of damaged micro USB charger port or dock are another common type of damage we repair, this damage might have occurred by wear and tear or physical damage.

Wireless4U offers charging port replacement with the highest quality parts! This repair applies for mobile phone that has damaged, broken pins or not charging charge socket of the phone.

Charging port socket replacement generally fix these issues, unless issue is related to other components:

• Battery not charging
• Battery charging problem
• Charging port connector pin broken
• Fix charging port not working
• Fix charging problem
• Fix charging issues


There are many reasons responsible for battery drain like excessive use of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Camera, location services and the Internet. When you come to Wireless4U, we diagnose your phone’s battery and find out the reason affecting it. Based on that, we either provide existing battery repair or replacement whatever needed. Our technicians can provide you real-time solution along with providing time and cost of repair.

At Wireless4U, we provide the best lithium-ion battery repair and replacement that gives additional life to your phone battery at competitively low prices.


Over time the power button on your phone can stop working or work intermittently which is quite weird that you don’t even turn your phones off or you can’t turn it on.

As the smartphone’s buttons consist of two contact points that activate their assigned function once they contact each other so, might be possible that those contact points may become worn out, resulting in them not always recognizing contact and failing to activate their assigned function or the associated bumpers can also become worn out, causing your power button to become stuck or indented inwards. Regardless of what may be causing the issue with the power button, Wireless4U is here to help you in fixing this problem so that you can use your phone hassle free.


Broken your Phone? damaged your Smartphone frame? Switch out your phone’s entire housing and get that perfect polished look that you haven’t had since you opened it up the first day you got it. Scuffs, dings and other signs of wear can reduce the resale value of your phone, and not everyone is kosher with a bulky or extremely colourful case.

For severely damaged phones that prevent a new LCD assembly from sitting flush with a bent frame, this is the solution you need in which Wireless4U will assist you completely with both – Front and back housing replacement service. your phone will look brand new again!


Are you having problems with your cell phone’s speaker? There are many reasons that your phone speaker needs to be repaired either it could be due to broken boards, faulty wires or any sort of internal issues. There are times when you think that the problem is with speaker, but, it is a microphone problem. If you can listen to calls fine, but the opposite party cannot hear you properly, then it is a microphone problem. In case you are not getting any sound, there is the possibility that you are having the hardware problem with the speaker and you need to get it checked.

At Wireless4U, our professional technicians will test your speakers and find out where the major problem exists and help you with phone Mic repair and phone speaker repair asap.


When it comes to solving issues like phone unlock, you can get in touch with Wireless4U as we offer phone unlock services for most of the major carriers and manufacturers in Canada. We are a trusted source to unlock your device. Not only will you be able to use your phone on any carrier in Canada, but also worldwide should you decide to travel the world!


Phone software problems are indeed biggest issues of the phone. When such problems arise, it is crucial to get it checked by the professionals like Wireless4U. Once a phone stops working because of software issues, keep in mind that there will be half possibility. It will either die completely or restored successfully. Our main aim is to diagnose the software problem and restore it without any hassle. The common signs of phone software problems are the slow response, freezing, and restart. When any of these signs highlights, it is suggested to visit Wireless4U for the latest firmware upgrade. With years of experience and expertise, we can solve any type of phone software issues using advanced techniques.

Wireless4U carry a wide range of software solutions allowing you to perform diverse tasks for our customers. From de- customisation firmware update, software update, or anything related to an operating system of your mobile, we have you covered. Contact us to avail our services.