We provide all repair solutions for Huawei. All repair services include assessment of the repair, or replacement of parts using genuine parts. We utilize post-repair unit testing and restoring.

Our repairs include:

*LCD Replacement
*Touch Glass Digitizer Replacement
*Back Housing Replacement
*Audio Jack Repair
*Battery Replacement
*Camera Repair Or Replacement
*Lightning Port Repair
*Volume Button Repair
*Power Button Repair
*Flashlight Repair

    Our team will replace the clear glass screen on your phone or tablet quickly and affordably, invariably while you wait, or enjoy a coffee in a local coffee shop and return for a a bright and pristine screen. Tempered glass protectors are also discounted when you have a screen repair.

    Once again, quality parts and a thorough removal of shards and adhesive ensure your satisfaction.

    Water damage, especially from chlorinated or salt water can corrode connections and screens extremely quickly. To minimize damage don’t turn it on to check if it works. Act quickly and bring it quickly to Wireless4U. Our team will disassemble the device and clean it in an ultrasonic bath. Avoid cheap repairs, a quick rinse and a dry may offer a temporary solution but will not remove the corrosive salts that will cause further damage.

    Is your Cell Phone needing a fresh look? Has it been dropped or tossed around? Wireless4u will make your Phone working effectively again with a new LCD replacement. No worries! At Wireless4u we’ve got you covered. With most smartphone parts in stock, we will have your merchandise looking “like new” in about an hour at most.

    Second only to broken screens, charging ports are vulnerable to damage from debris, overuse and ‘yanked’ cords. Each type of port has its strengths and weaknesses. Don’t try a “DIY” clean yourself, bring it to the experts and avoid additional damage. We will even show you how to minimize future damage to your new port! And yes, we have a wide range in stock.

    Batteries are the most indispensable accessories for cell phones. Without power, your phone will be useless. To keep your handset always working at optimum performance, buy an extra or replacement battery from Wireless4U. We offer great deals on a broad selection of rechargeable batteries for various cell phone brands. We replace all built in batteries and provide warranty on all replacement batteries.

    Is your power button unresponsive, functioning intermittently or even missing? Then this is the right service for you! We will completely replace the power button.

    Are you ready to get it repaired? Come visit us or ship your device to our store and someone will call you as soon as we receive your device. We will repair it and ship it out the next day. 90-day warranty on the repair.

    Wireless4u guarantee your satisfaction. So don’t hesitate to give us a call or bring your cell phone to our store when the buttons on your smartphone start to show signs of malfunction. We can replace or fix home buttons on all devices and get them working just like the first time you unboxed your phone!

      • Housing includes two parts: front housing and rear housing.
      • The replacement front housing is made of plastic while the rear housing is an aluminum alloy.
      • This  housing fits together extremely tight creating a gap-free design.
      • This replacement housing is available in black, white or red. This is the Black one. Please choose the correct color before purchasing.

    If your cell phone screen has become a white blank screen, scratched, broken, cracked or shattered, we can replace the LCD and save you money. We provide you with reliable, quick and quality service.

    If your Huawei LCD displays bleeding, black ink, or is completely black or white, or shows distorted images or colours, you will likely require both a new screen and a new LCD. Wireless4u offers their Bleeding LCD repair service at low rates. Our service is always reliable. Wireless4u is quite familiar with the problem of bleeding LCD screens, and with almost effortless ease, repair them to customers’ satisfaction.

    Have a working Dim LCD?

    Thinking of replacing the broken glass?

    We’ve got you covered!

    Bring in your dim LCD phones and we will exchange them for remanufactured LCD’s with brand new glass and frame.

    Can you hear crackling, hissing or the volume of your audio dropping in random intervals? These are signs that there is a problem with the connection between your cell phone’s headphone jack and your headphones or speakers.

    Normal wear and tear, and dirty connections are common, everyday culprits of audio problems.

    Whether your cell phone’s headphone jack is strained from heavy use, or in need of repair or replacement from any number of mishaps, our experts will get the tunes and live streams flowing again.

    Our trained and certified technicians will test your cell phone’s audio until they reach a diagnosis. Should your phone’s headphone jack be beyond repair, we can replace the jack without costly modifications to the cell phone’s circuit boards and wiring. You’ll be dancing and singing our techs’ praises in no-time!

    Whatever the situation maybe, if you have a GSM cell phone and you want to unlock it quickly, call or visit us. We will fix your phone while you wait.

      • We deal also with the following:
      • Hanging
      • Partial dead
      • Flashing various software
      • Cell phone sim unlocking
      • Cell phone wrong sim card unlock
      • Cell phone sim not accepted lock removal
      • Cell phone insert sim unlocking
      • Cell phone user lock removal

    Wireless4u perform software upgrades, remove cell phone viruses, dead cell phone flash programming, software modifications & updates. In addition, we can program and configure your cell phone text, SMS and MMS messaging to work properly with your imported or unlocked phone. We can even restore your cell phone to manufacturer specifications. We also upgrade your phone version. We will make yours as it looks like a brand new phone.

    Most common issues related to software:

    – Touch screen does not respond to touches quickly.

    – Slowness when sending a text message.

    – Web pages take longer to load.

    – Device restarts, or turns off and turns back on.

    – Device is slow, sluggish, frozen, crashes, locks up, or randomly stops.

    Wireless4u brings a wide range of high-quality Accessories for our valuable customers. Accessories that you need in your daily routines are now available at Wireless4u at a competitive price.

    Some accessories in which we deal include:

    * Wall, Car, USB and 3-in-1 chargers

    * Batteries and battery chargers

    * USB and HDMI data cables

    * Headsets, headphones, earbuds and handsets

    * Bluetooth, handsfree and wireless car FM transmitters

    * Graphic and stand cases

    * Screen protectors: anti-glare, mirrored privacy and clear

    * Memory cards, SIM cards and mini-SIM card adapters

    * And a whole lot more!

    We provide a full range of support for the hardware and software of most desktops and laptops. Additional warranty support is available for qualifying systems. We also offer a number of hardware and software products for sale.