Here is a list of our Most Common Repairs for Samsung smartphones done by Wireless4u. Please contact us if you have any questions or do not see your problem listed:

– Cracked Screens
– Battery Replacement
– Virus Removal
– Touch Screen Not Responsive
– Dim or ‘Busted’ LCDs
– Device Not Charging
– Speakers Malfunctioning – Can’t play music
– Bad Ear Speaker – Can’t hear the person to whom you’re talking!!

You tell us about the problem you’re experiencing and Wireless4u will fix it.

Our team will replace the clear glass screen on your phone or tablet quickly and affordably, invariably while you wait, or enjoy a coffee in a local coffee shop and return for a a bright and pristine screen. Tempered glass protectors are also discounted when you have a screen repair.
Once again, quality parts and a thorough removal of shards and adhesive ensure your satisfaction

Water damage, especially from chlorinated or salt water can corrode connections and screens extremely quickly. To minimize damage don’t turn it on to check if it works. Act quickly and bring it quickly to Wireless4U. Our team will disassemble the device and clean it in an ultrasonic bath. Avoid cheap repairs, a quick rinse and a dry may offer a temporary solution but will not remove the corrosive salts that will cause further damage.

Has your phone been dropped or tossed around? Wireless4U will make your Phone working effectively again with a new LCD replacement. With most smartphone parts in stock, we will have your merchandise looking “like new” in about an hour at most.

Second only to broken screens, charging ports are vulnerable to damage from debris, overuse and ‘yanked’ cords. Each type of port has its strengths and weaknesses. Don’t try a “DIY” clean yourself, bring it to the experts and avoid additional damage. We will even show you how to minimize future damage to your new port! And yes, we have a wide range in stock.

Batteries are the most indispensable accessories for cell phones. Without power, your phone will be useless. To keep your handset always working at optimum performance, buy an extra or replacement battery from Wireless4U. We offer great deals on a broad selection of rechargeable batteries for various cell phone brands. We replace all built in batteries and provide warranty on all replacement batteries.

These are some of the few “mechanical” parts on your phone and as such are vulnerable to wear and damage from moisture and dirt. We are able to clean/replace your switches and restore their function.


If your cell phone screen has become a white blank screen, scratched, broken, cracked or shattered, we can replace the LCD and save you money. We provide you with reliable, quick and quality service.

If your Samsung Galaxy LCD displays bleeding, black ink, or is completely black or white, or shows distorted images or colours, you will likely require both a new screen and a new LCD. Wireless4u offers their Bleeding LCD repair service at low rates. Our service is always reliable. Wireless4u is quite familiar with the problem of bleeding LCD screens, and with almost effortless ease, repair them to customers’ satisfaction.

If your Samsung Galaxy LCD displays bleeding, purple ink, or shows distorted images or colors, you will likely require both a new screen and a new LCD. Wireless4U offers Bleeding LCD repair services at low rates.

Whether it’s a crackling headset, low volume or a dead loudspeaker we can diagnose se the root cause and provide a cost-effective solution from a good clean to a replacement speaker or headphone assembly.

You will soon be dancing again and singing our praises.

There are many reasons why your phone will not unlock and allow you to use a different carrier. Whether it’s a software issue, failed carrier unlocks or failed SIM card reader or any of the many other issues we can help.

Whether it’s a hung software update or your phone simply won’t start, we can help get you up and running. 

Common issues include…
Slow touch screen responses
Unexpected phone shutdown
Slow online responses
Erratic behavior, sluggish performance

        We can help

Wireless4u brings a wide range of high-quality Accessories for our valuable customers. Accessories that you need in your daily routines are now available at Wireless4u at a competitive price.
Some accessories in which we deal include:
* Wall, Car, USB and 3-in-1 chargers
* Batteries and battery chargers
* USB and HDMI data cables
* Headsets, headphones, earbuds and handsets
* Bluetooth, handsfree and wireless car FM transmitters
* Graphic and stand cases
* Screen protectors: anti-glare, mirrored privacy and clear
* Memory cards, SIM cards and mini-SIM card adapters
* And a whole lot more!

PC/Laptop Repairs

We provide a full range of support for the hardware and software of most desktops and laptops. Additional warranty support is available for qualifying systems. We also offer a number of hardware and software products for sale.

Wireless4U can also provide you with technical support or troubleshooting any issues you may have with your devices. Our knowledgeable tech team is trained to provide quick and affordable service, ensuring you’ll never have to leave to get professional technical support.

– Network, Wireless and Login Support
– Virus and Spyware Removal
– Hardware Install & Repair
– Software Optimization and Operating System Troubleshooting
– Mobile Device and iPad Repair
– Apple & Dell Computer Warranty Service

Break free from the ever deepening spiral of contracts with a quality phone at discounted prices. We have everything from a classic flip phone or Blackberry to an iPhone 10 we can meet your needs. All our phones come with a hassle free warranty. Save more with one of our plans, how about contract free unlimited Canada/USA minutes/test and 8Gb pm for $50 a month?